When are reward payments made?

Rewards are paid 5 clear cycles after the rewards were earned and our aim is to have all payments completed no later than half way through the 6th cycle.


If we have a new special offer would it be available to everyone?

Yes, if we offer a special introductory offer then all existing delegators will automaically be signed up. Our guarantee is that you will never pay a higher fee than any new offer, so you can relax knowing you won't be missing out. We will be adding the fee rate to your rewards page but in the meantime you can contact us on telegram or email to check your rate.

If I add more XTZ to delegate account what rate do I get?

Your account is associated with a rate and adding more XTZ will benefit from the same rate. Of course it will take the usual amount of time, 7 cycles, before the new XTZ will start earning rewards.


Where will my rewards be sent?

To the same account that you delegated to Tez Baker.

When should I expect my first reward payment from the date I delegate?

It will take 13 cycles (or approximately 39 days @ 3 days/cycle).
This is broken into three:
- 7 cycles to be included in a Tezos snapshot
- 1 cycle to bake
- 5 cycles for the funds to be released to Tez Baker
From that point on you can expect reward payments every cycle; distributing for 5 cycles in arrears.

Is the 13 cycle wait the same in all delegation services or only in Tez Baker?

Same for everyone, these will be paid as soon as the rewards get released;
assuming your reward payment is greater than 2 XTZ.

Is there a minimum amount we will pay?

Yes, we won't pay any rewards if they are less than 0.05 XTZ.

Is there an indication as to what rewards will be achieved?

Yes, please go to our rewards report:

You can submit your address and then bookmark the link.
As per the following example (one of our admin accounts):


Does Tez Baker have other funds to use as bond once the main account is depleted?

Yes we own the following accounts (these are our addresses for making payments): KT1TUi7KGFcTLku6niB2iGqzkv49ZLYxLRy1 and KT1Q6YAVkqcEmXAM7SUcQS9YSbLwbqMaVe3Z. These are cold storage accounts and funds will be transferred into the main account when required.

Is there a way to stop a service from getting over-delegated?

Tezos has no built-in functionality that stops a service from becoming over-delegated, other than the fact that the rewards won't be as proportionally high due to failed baking. If we do get close to our limits we will raise fees significantly, for new delegators, in order to maximum payout for all our existing delegates.