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We Bake : You Make

The Tezos ecosystem is alive and cooking; your investment can grow as it does.

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Proof of Stake

Tez Baker offers a secure delegate service for Tezos. 15% flat fee for all new addresses. Loyalty Guarantee: your rate will never be higher than our lowest advertised rate.

Current Delegates

Sister Nodes

Tez Baker runs block producing nodes for the following cryptocurrencies:



And is preparing for the
following cryptocurrencies:


How it works

Delegate your Tez to Tez Baker to start receiving your baking rewards.

It takes 7 cycles to get into a snapshot (approx 21 days) and 5 cycles (approx 15 days) before rewards are released to Tez Baker.

We welcome all feedback; contact us via info@tezbaker.io.


Relax: Our Risk

Tezos delegation only requires your public key. Your private key is not required and as such your security is never compromised; Tez Baker shoulders the risk on your behalf.

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